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Christian Practice On The Presence of Jesus


Overview of Practice

  • Seek His Presence through Prayer or Contemplation

  • Seek His Presence with Humility

  • Seek His Presence through Surrender

  • Feel His Presence with Love


Introduction – 5 Minutes    


  • Prepare the Room and Relax

  • Light a Candle

  • Top to Bottom Body Scan – Relax fully

  • Focus on Deep Breathing

The Meditation - 15 Minutes


Part One


  • Bring your attention to the Object of Meditation: Practicing the Presence of Jesus.

  • Keep your eyes open, and scan the surroundings

  • Focus on the sensation of the breath in the nose

  • Become Mindfully Aware

  • On the in-breath, think, “I am one with Jesus.”

  • On the out-breath, think, “Thank you, Lord.”


Part Two


  • Close your eyes

  • Invoke the Presence of Jesus - (He will reach to you and you to Him)

  • Draw His Energy into your Heart

  • Feel and Sense His Love

  • Feel humble and surrender

  • Know that Jesus is in You, and You are in Jesus

  • End the practice and give thanks to Jesus

The Teachings of Jesus

Who is Jesus?

The Teachings and Commands of Jesus

The Teachings on Virtue

The Teachings on Wisdom and Compassion

Hard Questions


Books of the Bible

Synopsis of the Gospel of Mark

Synopsis of the Gospel of John

The Acts of the Apostles

The Book of Romans

The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Galatians


Learning the Bible

Bible Reading Plans

Important Verses to Study

The Theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas


Who are Jesus’ Disciples


The Apostles of Jesus

All About Holy Mary

The Authentic Disciple

Great Christian Ministers

Guided Practices

Get to Know Jesus

The Presence of Jesus

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