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Christian Practice On The Presence of Jesus


Overview of Practice

  • Seek His Presence through Prayer or Contemplation

  • Seek His Presence with Humility

  • Seek His Presence through Surrender

  • Feel His Presence with Love


Introduction – 5 Minutes    


  • Prepare the Room and Relax

  • Light a Candle

  • Top to Bottom Body Scan – Relax fully

  • Focus on Deep Breathing

The Meditation - 15 Minutes


Part One


  • Bring your attention to the Object of Meditation: Practicing the Presence of Jesus.

  • Keep your eyes open, and scan the surroundings

  • Focus on the sensation of the breath in the nose

  • Become Mindfully Aware

  • On the in-breath, think, “I am one with Jesus.”

  • On the out-breath, think, “Thank you, Lord.”


Part Two


  • Close your eyes

  • Invoke the Presence of Jesus - (He will reach to you and you to Him)

  • Draw His Energy into your Heart

  • Feel and Sense His Love

  • Feel humble and surrender

  • Know that Jesus is in You, and You are in Jesus

  • End the practice and give thanks to Jesus

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