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Get to Know Jesus

Overview of Practice


  • Get to Know Jesus

  • Use of Visualizations as taught in the Christian Cabalah and The Holy Bible.

  • Images of the Child Jesus, the Crucified Jesus, and the Risen Lord and King.

Introduction – 5 Minutes    


  • Prepare the Room and Relax

  • Light a Candle

  • Top to Bottom Body Scan – Relax fully

  • Pray to Jesus that you might feel His love

The Meditation - 30 Minutes


Part One  5 - 10 Minutes


  • Focus on your breath.

  • Bring your attention back to your breath if your mind wanders

  • Repeat a Centering Prayer Phrase that is meaningful to you

  • Focus on your breath


Part Two 10 - 20 Minutes

  • Visualize Jesus as a Child.

    • What do you feel?

    • Visualize the Child Jesus alone in the temple.

    • What can you learn? Ie. He listens and asks questions.

  • Visualize Jesus on the Cross.

    • What do you feel?

    • Hear Him speaking from the Cross to His Mother and John.

    • Hear His prayer to His Father.

    • What can you learn? Ie. Sacrifice and Service.

  • Visualize Jesus as Risen Lord.​

    • Visualize Jesus with His Apostles before His Ascension.​

    • What is He saying? Ie. The Great Commission.

    • What can you learn? Ie. Spread the Gospel. Become one with His Sacred Heart.

    • Now hold the image of the Risen Lord and King and feel his love and presence.

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