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Robert Barnett

Married with 4 Children and 2 Grandchildren

Graduate of USC and Cornell University

Hermetic Qabalah Senior Adept

Master Mason

Retired Bank SVP

USMC Retired

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Email: A Comprehensive Spiritual Resource


Welcome to 

An online resource for examining and understanding mystical spirituality is born from a lifetime of reflection and spiritual practice, rooted in my devotion to the teachings of Jesus and leadership within the Western Mystery Tradition. This site is a culmination of profound personal experiences and a deepened understanding of our spiritual connections. Here, we offer a space for exploration and learning, presenting resources on spirituality, personal growth, and the intersections of religion and mysticism.

About the Founders:


Robert L. Barnett:


Robert L. Barnett's spiritual journey traces back to his days as an acolyte in the Episcopal Church, an experience enriched by his grandmother's deep spiritual practices. His academic pursuit of theology led him to the Graduate Theological Union at UC Berkeley in 1973, laying the groundwork for his ordination.


Embracing the esoteric, Robert expanded his spiritual horizons through his involvement with BOTA and subsequently co-founding a Hermetic Qabalistic Order. He is also an Initiate of several other Esoteric Traditions. To this day, he is a dedicated practitioner and scholar of the Western Mystery Tradition and finds fellowship at Sacred Heart Church.



  • 7th Degree Kenpo Blackbelt (IKCA)

  • 1970s Champion Powerlifter in the 220 lb Class

  • 1980-1995 Senior Level Bank Vice President

  • 1995-2005 Owner and Operator of a Martial Arts School catering to families of the military and law enforcement.

  • 1995-2005 Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Owner and Operator of a Fitness Studio.

Karen L. Barnett:


Raised in the Baptist church, Karen L. Barnett was heavily involved in church activities, particularly the choir. She continued her passion for singing while attending college, later graduating from San Diego State and earning an MS from Chapman. At Corpus Christi Church, Karen once again immersed herself in the choir and led the Women's Ministry Group (LIFT). Currently, she and Robert are members of Saddleback Church and Calvary Church.




  • Accomplished choir singer

  • Enjoys yoga, music, painting, cooking, and gardening as hobbies

  • Born in England and raised in Hawaii and Virginia


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