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Robert Barnett

Robert L. Barnett


Robert L. Barnett's spiritual journey traces back to his days as an acolyte in the Episcopal Church, an experience enriched by his grandmother's deep spiritual practices. His academic pursuit of theology led him to the Graduate Theological Union at UC Berkeley in 1973, laying the groundwork for his ordination. He is a graduate of USC and Cornell University.


Embracing the esoteric, Robert expanded his spiritual horizons through his involvement with BOTA and subsequently co-founding a Hermetic Qabbalistic Order. He is also an Initiate of other Esoteric Traditions.

Karen L. Barnett


Raised in the Baptist church, Karen L. Barnett was heavily involved in church activities, particularly the choir. She continued her passion for singing while attending college. At Corpus Christi Church, Karen once again immersed herself in the choir and led the Women's Ministry Group (LIFT). She is a graduate of San Diego State and earned an MS from Chapman.

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