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Invoking Shem Angels

How to invoke the help and assistance of the 72 Shem Angels

Invoking the help and assistance of the 72 Shem Angels can be a profound spiritual practice, especially when seeking spiritual development and the Presence of God. The following guide provides a structured approach for this invocation, ensuring it is respectful, focused, and aligned with traditional practices.

Introduction to the Angels of Light and the 72 Shem Angels

The Angels of Light are considered divine messengers who aid in spiritual enlightenment and protection. The 72 Shem Angels, derived from the Shem HaMephorash (the Explicit Name), are each associated with a unique aspect of God's divine nature. Their guidance is believed to enhance spiritual growth and facilitate a deeper connection with the divine.


1. Purification

•   Physical Cleanliness: Ensure you are physically clean through a bath or shower.
•   Sacred Space: Create a clean, quiet, and sacred space free from distractions.

2. Mental and Emotional State

•    Calm Mind: Engage in meditation or deep breathing exercises to calm your mind.
•    Pure Intent: Approach the invocation with pure intentions.

Angelic Invocation Ritual

1. Opening Prayer

Begin with a prayer or affirmation to set your intention and invite the divine presence. An example:

"Oh God Most High, I humbly seek the guidance and presence of your Angels of Light. May their divine assistance guide me towards spiritual enlightenment and the presence of Your infinite love and wisdom."

2. Calling the Angels of Light

Invoke the Angels of Light by visualizing a sphere of divine light surrounding you. Speak aloud or in your mind:

"Angels of the Most High God, messengers of the Divine, I call upon you to surround me with your pure, illuminating presence. Guide me on my spiritual path and help me to feel the Presence of God within and around me."

  1. Select a specific Shem Angel associated with your current spiritual need.

  2. Each of the 72 Shem Angels has a unique attribute.

  3. Click Here: 72 Shem Angels (The specific powers, attributes, and influences of each of the 72 Shem Angels) 


Below, as an example, I've selected Vehuiah with the intention of Spiritual Develop and experiencing the Presence of God.


With the intention of Spiritual Development, you might invoke Vehuiah.

Vehuiah (1st Angel of the Shem HaMephorash) is associated with willpower and new beginnings.

1.    Chant the Angel’s Name “Vehuiah” והו׳ה (Vehu-iah)


  • Focus on the Letters of His Name: Vav-Heh-Vav-Yod-Heh והו׳ה (Right to Left)

  • See the Hebrew Letters glow in engraved golden light.

2.    Recite the Associated Psalm

  • Recite the associated Psalm verse (Psalm 3:3) with one of the several translations: "But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high."

  • In Hebrew: Ve’attah Iodhevauhe magen ba’adi; kevodi, umerim roshi.

3.    Meditation and Visualization

  • Enter a meditative state, visualizing the light of the Angels enveloping you.

  • Feel their presence and the divine energy filling your being.

  • Spend several minutes in silent contemplation, allowing insights and feelings to arise.

4.    Closing Mantra

  • Chant the closing Mantra: YOD, HEH, VAV, HEH,

  • or EE-AH-OH-EH

5.    Gratitude and Closing

  • Conclude with an expression of gratitude. For example:

  • "I thank you, Shem Angel Vehuiah, for your presence and guidance. May your light continue to shine upon my path and bring me closer to the Divine Presence."

Critical Success Factors

  • Ritual Preparation

  • Respectful Invocation

  • Maintain the Connection through Regular Daily Practice

  • Journaling

Regularly meditate and invoke the Angels to maintain a strong spiritual connection and keep a spiritual journal to record your experiences, insights, and any messages received during the invocation. Through preparation, respectful invocation, and regular practice, you can enhance your spiritual journey and experience profound divine guidance in your life.

Correspondences and Other Information

1.    Correspondences

•    Vehuiah (וְהוּיָה) is the #1 Shem Angel. 
•    He is believed to be the "head" of the entire "Name of Seventy-two Names". 
•    Angelic Name: Vehuiah (וְהוּיָה)
•    Divine Name: VHV - Vehu
•    Shem Vayisa Vayet: V'hu
•    Gematria: 17, Small 8 "YHVH is good to all"
•    Decan and  Sign: Mars in Aries
•    Element: Fire, symbolizing the spark of creation, passion and transformation.
•    Ruling Angelic Prince: Azri'el
•    Psalm: 3:3 (4): But thou, YHVH, art a shield about me; my glory, and  the lifter up of my head.

•    In Hebrew: Ve’attah Iodhevauhe magen ba’adi; kevodi, umerim roshi.

2.    Timing

•    Signs: He is often associated with the first 5 degrees of Aries (March 21-25).
•    Days: He is best invoked on Sundays.
•    Hours:

Vehuiah is typically invoked during the first hour of the day after sunrise, known as the “Planetary Hour of the Sun.”

The eighth hour of the day (starting from sunrise) is also associated with the Sun, making it another appropriate time for invoking Vehuiah.

Additionally, the third hour of the night after sunset is considered an optimal time for invocation.

3.    Purposes

•    He represents willpower, courage, determination and new beginnings.
•    Vehuiah is invoked to stimulate energy and to initiate projects. 
•    Vehuiah is also invoked to obtain the knowledge of what one can manifest.

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