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When you know it’s the Voice of God

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

"Unraveling the Divine Whisper: A Journey Towards Hearing God's Voice"

Does the voice of God remain an intricate puzzle, a subtle whisper that many perceive to be the exclusive privilege of a chosen few? Or is it a constant echo reverberating throughout our lives, an omnipresent hum patiently waiting to be acknowledged and embraced?

In the tapestry of my life, an old friend stands out, her friendship stretching across the vast expanse of three decades. She often narrated her experiences of divine revelations, spiritual epiphanies that she claimed to have received during her periods of solitude. Her narratives resonated with my personal perception of God. However, over time, the individuality of her interpretations began to pique my curiosity. Was she truly hearing God's voice, or were these reflections of her own inner dialogue?

Her devotion was unquestionable. During a particular chapter of her life, she embraced a disciplined routine of waking up at 3 am daily. These pre-dawn hours were her sacred time, meticulously dedicated to prayer and the reading of Scriptures before she plunged into her workday. I never doubted her unique spiritual connection, her claim of direct communication with God. Yet, as life's demands ebbed and flowed, altering the frequency of her tranquil moments, I noticed a shift in the divine voice she claimed to hear. Was it God's voice that had changed, or had her perception altered?

On my part, I adhered to the path of formal religion, maintaining a steadfast presence at church services, donating my time, skills, and resources for causes that elevated my purpose beyond the mundane. I never expected God to directly communicate with me. Yet, I believed that the depth of our connection was strong enough to allow me to decipher His voice amidst life's cacophony.

Regrettably, my commitment towards reserving time for solitary communion with God only came to fruition in the last seven years. During one such meditative interlude this week, I experienced an extraordinary divine interaction. This was vastly different from my past encounters that occurred during desperate, crisis-led prayers.

This newfound experience stirred immense gratitude within me. I now stand firm in my belief that God's invitation to us is universal and all-encompassing, urging us to traverse the varied terrains of life, secure in the knowledge that all roads eventually lead us back to Him. Our persistent quest for inner peace and tranquillity paves the way to God, enhancing our capacity to truly discern His voice.

Therefore, let us strive to quieten the restless sea of our thoughts, let our hearts resonate with a serenity that transcends human comprehension, and within that consecrated silence, we shall truly discern God's voice. His divine whisper awaits us, echoing in the silence, inviting us to draw nearer, listen closer, and connect deeper. In this sacred communion, we will indeed find God's voice - a voice not of thunderous proclamation, but of quiet, steadfast love, guiding us ever closer to His divine presence.

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