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The 72 Shem HaMephorash Angels

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Have you ever wondered what the Shem Angels are? The Shem Angels, also known as the Shem HaMephorash, are a group of 72 angels associated with divine protection and spiritual healing. These angelic beings have been mentioned in ancient Kabbalistic texts since the Middle Ages and serve to protect us from harm and guide us on our journey toward enlightenment. In this post, we’ll explore what each of these powerful angels represents and how they can help bring more balance into your life.

The Shem Angels are associated with several different aspects of life, such as eloquence and persuasion (Daniel), universal medicine and divine wisdom (Hahasiah), freedom and liberation (Imamaiah), spiritual knowledge and studies (Nanael), eternity and divine beauty (Nithael), clarity of thought and morality (Mebahiah), fulfillment and manifestation (Poiel) discernment, and strategy (Nemamiah), mental strength and healing (Yeialel), intellectual development and fertility (Harael), rectification and self-improvement (Mitzrael), friendship and affinity (Umabel), detachment and meditation (Iahhel), unity prosperity (Anauel), inspiration creativity (Mehiel), success overcoming difficulties (Damabiah), healing purification (Menakel), transformation change (Eyatel), recovery regeneration (Chabuiah), vision perception (Raayel), purification spiritual cleansing (Aebamiah), creativity divine fire (Hariel) and renewal rebirth (Mumiah).

When you call upon the Shem Angels for assistance in your life’s journey, they will bring clarity and balance to whatever issue you are dealing with. They will help guide you on the path toward spiritual growth and transformation. By connecting to these angelic energies through meditation or prayer, you can learn how to access their power within yourself so that you may be able to manifest positive change in your life.

The Shem Angels offer profound guidance for those seeking to understand their purpose and create a more fulfilling life. Through their wisdom, you can gain insight into the more significant spiritual journey that we are all on. With this knowledge, you can create greater harmony within yourself and your environment.

Ultimately, by working with the Shem Angels, you can learn how to open up to new possibilities in life that will help you reach your full potential. Whether it’s through finding inner peace or manifesting abundance in your life, these angels provide powerful assistance when called upon. So take a moment to connect with these divine beings and allow them to work their magic!

We hope this article has given you a greater understanding of the Shem Angels and their powerful energies. By working with these divine beings, you can discover a deeper connection to yourself and your environment. So take some time to connect with their wisdom, ask for guidance, and allow their energy to work magic in your life. You can manifest positive change into your life journey with faith and trust! Thank you for taking the time to explore the 72 Shem Angels!

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