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Saddleback Easter Service 2021

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

"An Easter Experience Resonating with Love and Fearlessness: Tuning into Saddleback Church’s Online Service 2021"

In the time-honored tradition of Easter, a day that embodies the transformative power of God's love and resurrection, my dear companion Karen and I were fortunate to engage in a virtual communion with the community of Saddleback Church in 2021. This live online service unfolded as a profoundly uplifting and spiritually enriching journey, connecting us with the essence of Easter in a profound way. We were privileged to partake in Pastor Rick Warren's sermon, a deeply stirring narrative that underscored the might of God's love in overcoming fear. This remains, to this day, one of the most poignant interpretations of this theme we've encountered.

Pastor Rick delved into the labyrinth of 'fear' during his sermon, analyzing its multifaceted persona as it manifests in forms such as anxiety and anger. With a compelling insight, he highlighted the recurring phrase "Do not be afraid", which echoes throughout the Bible 365 times - an apt metaphor reminding us of God's unceasing call for courage for each day of the year. This recurring affirmation emphasizes God's perpetual love, a love so vast and unwavering that it has the power to quell any form of fear we may harbor within us.

The sermon unfurled in the form of five salient points, each reflecting upon a different facet of our relationship with God, as follows:

  1. We can trust in the truthfulness of Jesus' words. (Romans 1:4, NLT)

  2. We comprehend that death is not the end, but a transition. (Hebrews 2:14-15, 2 Cor 4:14-16, NCV/NLT)

  3. We are forever cocooned in the warmth of God's extraordinary love. (Romans 5:8, Eph 3:18-19, LB)

  4. We affirm that God has a beneficial and loving plan for each of us. (Romans 8:28, NIV; 1 Peter 1:3-4, MES)

  5. We rest in the faith that God will attend to our needs, in abundance and with compassion. (Eph 1:19-20, NLT; Hebrews 4:16, NJB/NLT; Matthew 6:25-34, NLT)

The crux of Pastor Rick's message was embodied in Romans 8:15 (MES/NLT), a profound verse that states, "This resurrection life you receive from God’s Spirit is not a fearful life. You’re no longer a slave of fear anymore. Instead, God’s Spirit makes you His child and you now relate to God as your loving Father!"

Borrowing from the eloquent prose of a beloved song, Pastor Rick instilled in us the empowering mantra: "I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a Child of God."

This brief retelling, despite its earnestness, can hardly encapsulate the depth and resonance of Pastor Rick's sermon. I strongly encourage everyone to visit Saddleback Church's website to personally partake in the Live Services, and to witness for themselves the profound wisdom and spiritual enlightenment offered there. The accompanying musical performances, let me assure you, are nothing short of a heavenly symphony, adding to the divine aura of the service.

Robert Barnett, April 5, 2021

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