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Consecration to Mary

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The spiritual practice of consecration to the Virgin Mary, as practiced within the Catholic Church, is an act of profound dedication. It represents the believer's solemn commitment to yield themselves entirely to Mary, entrusting their spiritual well-being to her maternal care. By making this consecration, the faithful acknowledge Mary's significant role in their spiritual journey, fostering a deeper relationship with her and, consequently, with Jesus Christ, her son.

Consecration to the Virgin Mary isn't a one-time ritual. Instead, it's a continuous journey of devotion and commitment, seeking to align our lives more closely with Jesus through Mary's intercession. This process involves preparation, typically following a 33-day cycle of prayer and reflection, culminating in the act of consecration itself. This period of preparation is instrumental in understanding the significance of the consecration and fostering a deeper relationship with Mary.

Among the best-known approaches to Marian consecration is the method promoted by Saint Louis de Montfort in his book "True Devotion to Mary." St. Louis outlines a comprehensive path of preparation that involves periods of purgation, illumination, and union, mirroring the mystical stages of spiritual life. His method is well-loved for its depth and its explicit focus on Christ through Mary.

St. Louis de Montfort's method involves meditating on biblical events and theological truths about Jesus and Mary and learning to see oneself and the world through God's eyes. This process culminates in a heartfelt, personal act of consecration, in which one entrusts oneself entirely to Mary, so she may guide us more perfectly to Jesus.

When consecrating oneself to the Virgin Mary, it's essential to remember that Mary's role is not to replace Jesus but to guide us toward Him. Mary, as the Mother of God, is in a unique position to support our spiritual growth and lead us toward a deeper understanding and love of Jesus. As St. Louis de Montfort himself said, "To Jesus through Mary."

In conclusion, consecration to the Virgin Mary is a spiritual practice that can significantly enhance a believer's spiritual life. It is a profound expression of trust in Mary's intercessory role and a humble recognition of our need for guidance and support in our spiritual journey. As we entrust ourselves to her maternal care, we can be confident that she will guide us toward a deeper and more fruitful relationship with her Son, Jesus Christ.

"An Ode to the Blessed Virgin Mary and How to Strengthen Your Devotion"

"Hail, Mary: Bearer of God's Divine Presence,

Hail, Mary: The mother of Jesus, our Savior,

Hail, Mary: United in Spirit with God, the Holy Spirit,

Hail, Mary: A foundational figure of the Church,

Hail, Mary: A vessel brimming with divine Grace,

Hail, Mary: Your soul is a beacon of God's magnificence, and your Spirit finds joy in God, our Savior,

Hail, Mary: A queen, graced by the sanctity of your being,

Hail, Mary: The embodiment of Mercy,

Hail, Mary: You are the essence of my life, my solace, and my aspiration,

Hail, Mary: Guide me to be deserving of the promises of Christ,

Hail, Mary: Shower me with your love, teach me your wisdom, lead me on the righteous path, nourish my soul, and shield me from forces that seek to harm,

Hail, Mary: Through the empowering Spirit of God, may the essence of Jesus Christ be instilled within me, glorifying God the Father,

Hail, Mary: Hear my prayers, and I pledge myself to your sacred service, now and forever, Amen.

In the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen."

Guidelines for Your Devotional Journey
  • To delve deeper into your devotion to Mary, consider reading St. Louis De Montfort’s seminal work, "True Devotion to Mary."

  • Before and after reciting the Rosary, it is recommended to pray this Prayer of Consecration to reaffirm your devotion.

  • Enhance your Rosary prayers by adding, “and may I be consecrated to Thee,” after each Hail Mary.

  • On the first three small beads of your rosary, add this special prayer after the Hail Mary: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, please pray for me now that the bond of love be strengthened between us, now and for all eternity."

Resources to Enrich Your Understanding and Devotion:
  • "God Alone: The Collected Writings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort" by St. Louis Marie de Montfort (Montfort Publications, 2008)

  • "St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion, Consecration to Mary" by Fr. Helmuts Libietis (Angeles Press, 2007)

  • "The Essential Catholic Catechism" by Dr. Alan Schreck (Servant Books, 1999)

  • "Encyclopedia of Mary" by Monica & Bill Dodds (Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., 2007)

  • "Hail, Holy Queen" by Scott Hahn (Image Books - Doubleday, 2001)

  • "Saint Benedict's Prayer Book" by Ampleforth Abbey Trustees (Ampleforth Abbey Press, 2006)

  • "A Catholic Book of Hours and Other Devotions" edited by William G. Storey (Loyola Press, 2007)

  • "Catholic Prayer Book" edited by Jacquelyn Lindsey (Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., 2003)

  • "The New Rosary In Scripture" by Edward Sri (Servant Books, 2003)

  • Confraternity of The Most Holy Rosary:

These resources will serve to enlighten and enrich your spiritual journey, drawing you closer to Mary and, through her, to Jesus. The path is open; the journey is yours to take.

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