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Coloring Life - Choices

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

"Coloring Life: A Tapestry of Past, Present, and Future"

In the silent tranquility of my twilight years, my fingers danced with colored pencils and hues, breathing life into blank pages. Once used to navigate the rigidity of a 9-5 routine, they now traced the lines of intricate patterns, igniting a newfound sense of liberation. From monotonous spreadsheets to vibrant mandalas, the transition was a blissful escape, a rewarding respite from decades of work-related obligations.

The act of coloring, a simple yet profound task, served as a mental sanctuary. It offered me the right amount of distraction to allow my mind to untangle the knots of past experiences and contemplate what the future may hold. The vivid colors I chose and the intricate designs I filled were not just aesthetic choices; they reflected my mental state, helping me process my accumulated wisdom while dreaming of possibilities yet to unfurl.

A decade into this self-reflection and creative exploration, I have come to see life in a different light. Time, once a scarce commodity, now flows leisurely, continuously filling the buckets of past, present, and future. Each day adds to the narrative of my life, accumulating experiences in the past bucket, while the future remains a tantalizing enigma, swirling with the mystery of what might come. The present, though fleeting, is no less important. It is the canvas on which I color, the conduit that connects the past and future.

Coloring inside the lines is a metaphor for my present choices, each hue, each stroke shaping my reality. The lines I breach symbolize the unknown, the future, filled with outcomes of the choices I make. And as quickly as the present becomes the past, the future becomes the present, adding another layer to the growing tapestry of my existence.

This ceaseless cycle of time is a testament to life’s immense creative potential. It's a constant reminder that every moment, whether filled with clarity or clouded by uncertainty, is a vital part of my personal journey. Each bucket, while separate in its essence, intertwines to form a unique narrative that is my own.

Amid the flux of past, present, and future, the act of coloring lends me solace and strength. It symbolizes my faith in God’s divine design. Each colored pattern I complete is a testament to His love - an acknowledgment of lessons learned from the past. The act of coloring itself, a leap of faith in the choices I make in the present. And the untouched spaces, the uncolored lines, they hold the promise of hope for the future, always ready to be filled with new experiences, new colors.

This dance of colors and time has become my sanctuary. As I color, I am reminded of life's endless possibilities, the constant flow, and the chance to shape the canvas of my life. With each stroke, I'm coloring not just on paper, but also on the canvas of life, painting my past, present, and future with shades of love, faith, and hope.

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