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5 Minutes, Patience, and Yoga

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Mindful Movements: Yoga - A Dance with Time and Space

My husband’s post brought a smile to my face - a casual glance at the five-minute mark rekindled an urge to commit to a quick contemplation. But alas, life’s lessons aren’t always as brief as we'd like. The five minutes was merely a step in a much longer process, a reminder that valuable endeavors often require patience and time.

For four decades, yoga has been my sanctuary, a beautiful amalgamation of physical discipline and spiritual insight. Despite my regular practice, missing a week could still leave me apprehensive. Would my muscles remember the familiar stretches? Would my mind find its way back to the tranquility that yoga imparts?

This morning, my unease was met with an unexpected reward - one of my best yoga sessions yet. The initial stiffness melted away as I flowed from one asana to the next, and my mind found serenity in the rhythmic dance of breath and movement. After sixty-six minutes, I emerged from the session imbued with a positive life force that vibrated within me, a tangible manifestation of the harmony between body and mind.

Yoga has this mystical ability to marry passive and active mindfulness. Passive mindfulness is the quiet focus on breath, a calming cadence that anchors the present. Active mindfulness, on the other hand, comes to life through the poses - a symphony of movements designed to declutter the mind and make way for tranquility. Yes, mastering this balance takes practice, certainly more than five minutes.

Perhaps, one day, reaching this state of calm contemplation will be as easy as a five-minute task. But until then, I will bask in the journey. I'll focus on each breath, knowing that with patience and practice, everything else will follow.

A note from Robert:

Contemplation manifests in various forms and mediums, each as diverse as the individuals who practice them. Some find a connection with the divine through the rhythmic cadences of music, while others see God in the intricate patterns of nature. Prayer invokes a spiritual dialogue, and movement, as in yoga, brings about a unity of body, mind, and spirit.

These practices engage the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers, promoting a holistic integration essential for spiritual growth. Yoga, in particular, has been an empowering medium for my wife. It helps her to relax her body, pacify her emotions, and quieten her mind.

Yoga puts her in an integrated position that primes her for higher awareness. Through each pose and each breath, she finds a path to a deeper understanding, a higher consciousness - a dance of time and space that transcends the mundane.

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